42nd (Rainbow) Division – People

42nd (Rainbow) Division

Camp Mills: 1917

Major General Charles T. Menoher, Commanding
Colonel Douglas MacArthur, Chief of Staff

83rd Infantry Brigade

Brigadier General Michael J. Lenihan
165th (New York) Infantry Regiment, Colonel Charles Hine
166th (Ohio) Infantry Regiment, Colonel Benson W. Hough
150th (Wisconsin) Machine Gun Battalion, Mayor William B. Hall

84th Infantry Brigade

Brigadier General Robert A. Brown
167th (Alabama) Infantry Regiment, Colonel William P. Screws
168th (Iowa) Infantry Regiment, Colonel E.R. Bennett
151st (Georgia) Machine Gun Battalion, Major Cooper D. Winn, Jr.

167th Field Artillery Brigade

Brigader General Charles P. Summerall
149th (Illinois) Field Artillery Battalion (75mm. guns)
151st (Minnesota) Field Artillery Battalion (75mm. guns)
150th (Indiana) Field Artillery Battalion (155 mm. howitzer)
117th (Maryland) Trench Mortar Battery

Special Troops

117th Regiment of Engineers (South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee)
117th Field Signal Battalion (Missouri)
117th Headquarters Troop of Cavalry (Louisiana)
117th Train Headquarters & Military Police (Virginia)
117th Supply Train (Texas)
117th Ammunition Train (Kansas)
117th Engineer Train (North Carolina)

117th Sanitary Train consisting of the following:
165th Ambulance Company (New Jersey)
166th Ambulance Company (Texas)
167th Ambulance Company (Oklahoma)
168th Ambulance Company (Michigan)
165th Field Hospital (District of Columbia)
166th Field Hospital (Nebraska)
167th Field Hospital (Oregon)
168th Field Hospital (Colorado)